Success is Not Just Financial

thousand dollar bill
Success involves so much more then making money. In fact, when speaking of real success, money is a secondary benefit, and one that is not always associated with what we regard as true success. I vividly recall an incident that showed me the good feelings of success.

one finger

I was in third grade. We were in the school auditorium, and our music teacher announced that our school was going to put on an operetta. He was holding auditions for three clown parts. I remember raising my hand and saying,”I can stand on one finger!”

He called me to the front. I placed my index finger on the floor and put my foot down on it, thereby standing on one finger. Not only did I get one of the parts-I got the speaking part. I remember the positive feelings that came from using my wit and capturing the moment. Success for me came in the satisfaction I received from being in that operetta.

sheet musicA few years later, in that same school, the music teacher announced we would be singing a particle song at the Christmas program. I had been taking lessons on a musical instrument for the last several years. I raised my hand and said,”I can play that song. I just studied it in my lesson.”

I can still remember how good it felt to play that song, while the teacher played it on the piano at that program with the whole school singing. The nervousness I felt just before playing melted away with the sense of pride I felt as we performed that song. I also enjoyed the recognition I received after the program. That success went a long way to motivate me to keep on studying and practicing my music.

notebooksWrite in your journal about a time you experienced success. What inspired you to do what it took to succeed? Were you scared? Nervous? Excited? Who helped you achieve your success? Who stood in your way? Did you like it so much you wanted to do more? Explore those feelings, and write therm down. They will help you as you reach for success now and in the future.