Opportunities for Success Sometimes Come Unexpectedly

home roomIn high school, my homeroom teacher was the Distributive Education teacher. I was in the college prep program, so our paths never crossed after each morning’s time in homeroom. In December of my senior year he announced that a local store needed students to help with inventory over the Christmas break. Inventory is just a fancy word for counting. We stood in the stockroom and counted, and counted, and counted…

In the spring my homeroom teacher approached me and said that same store needed someone to come in over a weekend and help strip floors. I had never done anything like that, but I agreed. I found out it was the teacher, the store manager and me. The manager had apparently been impressed with the job I did taking inventory and asked for me.

Grocery Store

Credit: blmurch on Flickr

In April my homeroom teacher told me the Distributive Education student who had been working in the stockroom at that store had quit early. They would place another student there in the fall, but the manager wanted to interview me if I was interested in the job for the summer. I agreed, had the interview and was hired.

I had a job with regular hours. I either worked 9-5 or noon-8, depending on the schedule the manager set for me. In the mornings, I spent my first hour covering the store with a dry mop. If I worked the noon-8, I did that the last hour. I spent a lot of time in that same stockroom where I had first taken inventory. I learned a lot that summer and enjoyed the interaction with the other employees and the customers.

It felt good to realize that hard work and a strong work ethic do often result in success.I have tried to remember that as I have done other things in life. It has surprised me several times in my life how often the opportunity for success comes at times and from sources we would never have suspected.

journalWrite in your journal the times you can think of where the opportunity for success came from somewhere you did not anticipate. How often did something you do naturally or just take for granted lead someone to consider you for something that turned out to be really great.

What traits in you seem to make these opportunities come more often? Are there habits you could develop to make this success more available to you? If you’re really feeling courageous, discuss this with people who know you well. Write down their insights. Developing just a few simple habits can open incredible possibilities for success.