One Person’s Dream Can Be Another’s Nightmare

cityAfter college, my wife and I moved to a major city where I went to seminary. We figured with each of us having college degrees, we should have no trouble getting along. We did not count on the fact that this city had a high percentage of retirees, many government and military retirees, who had pensions, a lot of experience and who were willing to take jobs for low pay.

security guardThe first job I landed was as a security guard with a national security company. I spent a weekend as night security at a construction site. I worked as store security at a retail store. Then they gave me what the manager obviously thought would be a dream assignment.

For eight hours a day I stood in front of a bank building. My job was to watch as people came in. If they parked in spaces designated for bank patrons and then got into the elevators to go to other tenants of the building, I was to ask them to please move their cars from the bank patron spaces.

boredI was so bored! I invented routines to keep my mind occupied. Every half hour I walked around the bank. I thought of every way in the world I could think of to occupy the time. After a week, I turned in my unifoirm and my badge. The manager looked at me in total disbelief. How could anyone turn down a job like this? I thanked him, apologized profusely and walked out of the office. I knew I could not do a job for very long that was totally boring.

notebooksWrite in your journal any times you have seriously mismatched to a job, to a situation, or even a relationship. What could you have done differently? What are you willing to do to never be in that situation again? Your success embodies all these things. Spend time considering them.