Are You Afraid to Go Into the Water?


Even though I grew up on one of the Great Lakes, I did not learn to swim as a child. My wife, who is a good swimmer, and I made sure our children learned to swim. My own efforts have been hampered by something I had not counted on–fear of the water. My own fear has been aided by a few adult attempts at swimming that ended in helpless flailing in water over my head and needing to be rescued from drowning. I have come to realize it is not water I am afraid of. I drink water. I bathe and play in water. My fear is based on my lack of knowledge of how to move myself successfully through water, no matter whether it is over my head or not.

I am learning to swim because I want the health benefits of exercising in the water. I want that enough to overcome the lack of knowledge that has held me back all my life. I had to identify the specific benefit I wanted and to decide I want it enough to acquire the knowledge I need to overcome my old fear. That sounds simple, and it is, but it is not easy.

InternetI talk with people all the time who have not learned how to successfully launch their own business. Some of these people tell me they are afraid of the internet. I can understand that. The internet can be frightening, especially for those of us who grew up before it was a normal part of learning.

Others tell me they afraid of all the predators out there whose only goal is to separate us from our money. I have spoken to people who tearfully tell me they feel like failures because everyone seems able to make a success out of an online business but them. The more people I talk with who express these frustrations, the more certain things keep standing out in my mind.

MoneyWhen I ask people why they want to start a business, the number one answer I get is to make money. I have been studying entrepreneurship for more than twenty years. Every author or speaker who seems to grasp the subject says the same thing. Money cannot be the primary goal of any business venture in which you want to be successful. It does not identify a primary need in anyone’s life and does not provide sufficient motivation to gain the knowledge and do the work required to acquire and maintain lasting wealth.

I did not begin to learn to swim as an adult until I realized that what I wanted was the satisfaction of doing part of my exercise program in the water. I want the exercise to help me gain and maintain good health as far into my life as I can. Therefore, swimming is a way to gain and keep good health. That is what I want. Swimming is a way to get that. That provides sufficient motivation to get me over my fear of water.

guidepostsAsking yourself what you really want from your own business is so important, it can’t be treated too lightly. It isn’t money, a new house, a new car. It isn’t even freedom from a job. Those are benefits, and they are important, but they will not motivate you to learn and do what you need to acquire and maintain the wealth you are seeking. What you do want will guide you in selecting what type of business you will begin.

You may have to overcome things like fear of the internet, anxiety about the people out there who want to take advantage of you, fear that you will make mistakes. All of these may happen. These are some of the reasons most people who start this journey do not finish.

doorI want to help you find and achieve your dream. That is one of the things I came to realize as I struggled with the same things you may be facing. I like working things out, sorting through all the things that keep people from succeeding to point the way to the choices that can open the doors for you and others to achieve your dreams. I like teaching, and I like communicating. Teachers seek knowledge so they can share it with others. That is why I am working to develop a place where you and others can find what your real motivation is and then look for the information that will give you the knowledge to fulfill your dreams.

It is exciting because there are some really good people doing some really great things. It makes sorting through the rest worthwhile. I welcome you to this journey to find your dream and then find the ways you will reach your dream. I am interested in how the journey goes for you, and I will offer whatever help and guidance I can. Thanks for sharing a part of your journey with me.

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