About Me

Helping Other Succeed In Their Businesses

David C. Bloom

My strongest goal in life involves helping people realize and then achieve their dreams. Since financial freedom and having the time to be with family and pursue interests such as traveling is near to the heart of many people, one way I do this is by showing people how they can realize these dreams. I know that realizing your dream may look different for each of us.

I am an entrepreneur, which means I like coming up with new ideas and figuring out how to implement them. I actually am not as effective with the day to day operation of these business strategies. I find people who do enjoy the operation of a business and partner with them in maintaining and expanding healthy businesses. This win-win scenario makes everyone involved happy and leads to our mutual success.

What this means is I am ready to help you discover your dream–sometimes we call it your “Why.” Why do you want what you want? Why are you willing to do what it takes to realize your dream? Let me give you a hint. Your why is probably not paying off your bills, getting a new car or even quitting your job. Your why more than likely is something like having the time and money to spend those things with people you care about doing things you are passionate about. It may involve others.

Twenty years ago, my wife and I made a radical change in our lives to give our children the chance to experience college the way they wanted. That is one example of a real why. With a little effort, you will discover your “why.” Just keep asking until you are at that ultimate driving principle that will motivate you to do whatever it takes to accomplish what you want.

The Global Income Alliance can be a means for you to achieve your why. I’ll help you if you need to talk through what your why is. You can do this. I can help. You Can Get Started For Free by signing up for the Global Income Alliance.